Maritime Insight and Marine Benchmark join up for seminar at DSM15

We are thrilled to tell you Maritime Insight and Marine Benchmark will join up for a riveting seminar on if and how trading patterns have changed within the SECA-area after 1st January 2015, when new rules on sulphur emissions came into effect.

Maritime Insight provides customised consulting, analysis and forecasts for a wide range of maritime issues. The services build on ships characteristics from IHS Fairplay (Register of Ships), ship movements from AISLive and economic development and trade data from IHS Global Insight. (

Marine Benchmark has the mission “Supporting a sustainable business and environment” to be delivered as “Customized analysis of maritime information”. The services are based on analysis of the world fleet and its vessel movements from global AIS-information (AIS-antennas from land & satellites) stored on an hourly basis since January 2009. Vessel movements and information of the world fleet are supplied by IHS Fairplay. (

More information on this, and a presentation of speakers will come shortly.

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Ola Larsson, Marinfloc

Marinfloc have been participating since the start in 2009. What makes you come back every time?

DSM is an enjoyable exhibition in a good format where Marinfloc gets the opportunity to meet several of the customers acting in the local area.

Marinfloc are also sponsors to the event, what contributed to this decision?

We want to contribute to, and support an initiative that we believe in and that we can see is continuously developing.

What makes DSM different from other exhibitions?

The exhibition is just enough big, the organizers are very engaged and makes sure everything works in the best way for visitors and exhibitors.

What are you hoping to get out of DSM15?

Meeting customers and get the opportunity to show hands-on how a bildge water separator and sewage treatment system works. I will also attend the seminars to learn new things.

Is there going to be a Marinfloc-Mini Cooper driving around the island during DSM?

First you will see a Marinfloc bus, size bigger making its way to the exhibition area. This is in itself an adventure. The Mini Cooper will be on board the bus and the “mini” will be driving around between the harbour and the exhibition area. Just like previous years, Marinfloc will not have a stand in the exhibition stand but we bring our bus where we will have the bilge water separator and sewage treatment system running all day.

Mondays are hard. Which is the best song to kick start the week?

Jump by Van Halen is good way to get started. Start a monday with that, you’ll jump strait to wednesday and the rest is a piece of cake.

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