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Donsö Shipping Meet offers the chance of picking your preferred companies to meet, but also the opportunity to spontaneous meetings. We have listened to evaluations, improved our booking system and tuned up our schedule which now is more airy. Our aim has been to maximize your experience and really make your two days on the island worth while. Not to mention the beneficial effects for the shipowners, both meeting with existing contractors, potential contractors and fellow shipping companies.

How does it work?
In order to participate you need to sign up online. This is done by clicking on the Sign Up For DSM 17 button above. To be part of the speed meeting procedure you need a stand. You also need to register you and your colleagues as exhibition personnel and for speed meetings. When this is done you will in the beginning of May get a new form where you choose the companies to meet and what positions in each company you prefer to meet.  All exhibitors will receive their own personal program for the two days by the end of June.

All meetings with shipping companies will be held in your own stand. The number of meetings is determined by the date of your registration to Donsö Shipping Meet. Registration not later than March 8, will ensure at least 11 meetings.

It is also possible to have speed meetings with other exhibitors, just choose the category “Exhibitors” in the registration form. 

If you have any questions about our speed meeting model, please do not hesitate to contact Ann-Sofie Ankarcrona at or +46 768 94 69 58 or Congresso at and +46 63 12 14 00.

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