1. Admare Ship Management AB

    AdMare Ship Management AB is a provider of high quality ship management services around the world. AdMares philosophy is to focus on asset protection. Our team provides ship management services from an Owner´s perspective, giving priority to Safety, the Environment, Preventive Maintenance, Cost Control and Flawless Operation.



  2. AGA

    AGA manufactures and markets industrial gases and specialty gases for various purposes. In collaboration with customers, we develop total solutions including gases, knowledge of processes, gas equipment and services. AGA in Sweden is part of the Linde Group Regional Business Unit Northern Europe, which includes the Nordic and Baltic countries.



  3. Atlantic Container Line Sweden AB

    Since 1967, ACL has been a specialized transatlantic carrier of containers, project and oversized cargo, heavy equipment and vehicles with the world's largest combination RORO/Containerships (CONRO). In 2015, ACL's five new G4 (Generation 4) vessels will replace its existing fleet of G3 CONRO's. The company's headquarters are in Westfield, New Jersey with offices throughout Europe and North America.



  4. AtoB@C Shipping AB

    With it´s head office in Ystad, Sweden and branch office in Raahe, Finland is privately-owned ship-owning, ship operator / logistic company founded in 2000. The company currently operates a fleet of 30 well maintained, ice classed, modern/multipurpose vessels. Some of the vessels are fully owned and other are time chartered from close owner friends and partners.


  5. B
  6. Bimco

    BIMCO is the world’s largest international shipping association, with 2,100 members in more than 120 countries. Our global membership includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents.



  7. Bore Ltd

    Bore is a modern, international shipping company with long history, recognized service quality and strong fleet. Constantly progressing and with the future in mind, Bore can offer economical and ecological transport solutions today.


  8. Brax Shipping

    Brax Shipping, shipbroker specialized in the sale and purchase of: Ropax, Cruise ships and Roro. Mediating charters of ships within the same segments. Offering newbuilding solutions covering both design concepts and financing packages. Fulfils the roles of advisory consultants and valuation experts vis-à-vis law firms, banks, and other financial institutions.



  9. BRP Shipping AB

    Safe bunker operations with BRP and our two topmodern bunkerbarges Fox Sunrise and Fox Luna.



  10. Brødrene Klovning Shipping

    Brødrene Klovning Shipping AS operates today four small chemical tankers in special market segments with long-term contracts to first class charterers Nordic Tankers Trading A/S, Denmark. Chemical tankers:Nordic Sira, Nordic Saga, Nordic Sund and Nordic Sola. The company is located in Sjøfartsbygget in Haugesund, Norway, as one of several shipping related companies.


  11. Bukser och Berging

    Buksér og Berging AS is a leading supplier of marine services within port and terminals, ocean towage, offshore work and complex marine operations. We provide unique know-how and a modern fleet crewed with experienced and committed Scandinavian professionals.


  12. C
  13. Charterfrakt Baltic Carrier AB

    Charterfrakt Baltic Carrier AB is a Swedish shipping company located in Skärhamn on the Swedish Westcoast. The company is owning and operating the Swedish flagged Ro-Ro ship Baltic Bright. Baltic Bright is chartered by UPM and transporting paper products from Finland to the continent.



  14. Concordia Maritime AB

    Concordia Maritime is an international tanker shipping company. Their focus is transporting refined petroleum products and vegetable oils.



  15. CRYO Shipping

    CRYO Shipping is an independent Norwegian LNG bunkers and feeder operator. Services includes seaborne transportation and STS bunkering of LNG. CRYO Shipping's smart and flexible solutions make LNG available at competitive rates for our customers.


  16. D
  17. Danish Shipping

    Danish Shipping is a trade- and employer organisation for more than 40 shipowners and two offshore companies. Half of the Organisations members own ships registered in Denmark, the other half run their activities in Denmark but their ships are run under other flags of state. All together, the members of Danish Shipping own around DWT 33 million, which add up to more than 95 per cent of the Danish merchant fleet registered in the Danish International Shipregister (DIS). Apart from its members Danish Shipping serves the two other shipowners' organisations in Denmark: Shipowners Association of 2010 and the Danish Ferry Association.


  18. E
  19. Ektank AB

    EKTANK AB is a successful Swedish shipping company, which transports Dirty, Clean and Chemical products, mainly in Northern Europe.



  20. Erik Thun AB

    The Group operates 34 vessels. Business areas are foremost conventional dry cargo vessels, self-unloading vessels and product tankers.


  21. F
  22. Floatel International

    Floatel International established 2006 owns and operates the most modern, safe and reliable fleet in the world of dynamic positioned semi-submersible accommodation vessels.



  23. Frederiet AB

    Frederiet AB was incorporated in Sweden in December 2000 and is the owner of four modern bitumen tankers. Frederiet AB undertakes consultancy services within logistics, supply chain management, newbuildings and ship finance. Frederiet AB is also active in the bunker shipping market and small scale LNG transportation. All vessels are Cyprus-flagged with highest ice class 1A or 1A Super. The ships are employed on long term charters to the Swedish oil company Nynas AB.


  24. Furetank Rederi AB

    Furetank have long traditions as Owner and Manager of vessels.Today Furetank manage  9 vessels. 7 product chemical tankers and 2 RoRo vessels special designed for the Swedish Nuclear  power industry.


  25. G
  26. Godby Shipping Ab

    Godby Shipping is a privately owned shipping company established 1973. Our aim is to offer high class tailor made sea transportation for the forest industry and liner operators. We operate a modern and competitive fleet under Finnish flag.


    godby 680

  27. GoTa Ship Management AB

    GoTa Ship Management AB provides cost efficient and high quality ship management services including technical management, crewing and consulting services. The company is privately owned by people with a long seafarer tradition, both on the nautical and technical side. We know the industry and its challenges very well and have a real interest in doing the best of it in terms of efficiency and cost awareness.



  28. Gotland Tankers

    Gotland Tankers AB handles administration and has operational responsibility for the tonnage in the area of product tankers. The company’s product tanker holdings are in the Handysize segment and the Medium Range segment.



  29. Green City Ferries

    Green City Ferries operates the electric ferry "Movitz" in Stockholm and the new high speed ferry BBGreen. Our technology company designs electric drivelines and charging stations. We use the same skills to optimize use of energy on large ships - peak shaving and energy storage solutions.


  30. I

    INTERTANKO is the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners. INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the oil that keeps the world turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively.


  32. K
  33. Karlskrona Sjötaxi

    We do sea transports in the Baltic sea. Most crewchanges but also some cargo transport etc. We have 3 diffrent boats to do the jobs with and search for more simular jobs

  34. Kiltank Rederi AB

    Kiltank Rederi AB is a shipping company from the island Donsö that started its operations with “Charisma av Donsö” in 2008. The vessel was sold 2015, but Kiltank are today looking for investment possibilities.



  35. Käringötrafiken AB

    Käringötrafiken bedriver idag skärgårdstrafik på totalt två linjer i Orust kommun, på uppdrag av Västtrafik som även är beställare av spårvagns-, tåg-, och busstrafiken i Västra Götalandsregionen.


  36. L
  37. Laurin Maritime AB

    Laurin Maritime is an operator of chemical/petroleum product tankers of MR-size. Trading US Gulf to the eastern seaboards of North and South America and transatlantic to Europe.



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  39. M
  40. Marinvest

    Marinvest is a private ship manager serving investment groups that are part owners of product- and chemical tankers. Holdings include investments in tankers of approximately 75,000 DWT, chemical tankers between 20,000 to 50,000 DWT, a developing coastal shipping company as well as investments in both listed and unlisted instruments.



  41. mf 600

  42. MMT Sweden AB

    Specialising in high resolution seabed mapping, MMT is the solution to your marine surveying needs. We collect, process and visualise the conditions of the seabed. We offer assured surveys in bathymetric, geophysical and geotechnical services, specialising in the oil & gas, hydrography and renewable energy & marine cable sectors.


  43. N
  44. Northern Offshore Services

    Northern Offshore Services is a crew transfer vessel owner and operator, specializing in the offshore wind industry. N-O-S operates a wide range of customized purpose-built vessels, optimized for high performance and efficiency. The company has offices in Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Lowestoft with a complete set of onshore technical and commercial management services. N-O-S operated with an impressive track record and serves a wide range of customers. N-O-S´s aim is to be the best and the most reliable partner and strive to maintain a high quality of service.



  45. O
  46. Oljola AB

    OljOla AB operates the ship Norden. The ship is on long-term charter from Stena Oli AB. M/T Norden does bunker assignments in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish waters.

  47. OP Ship AB

    From our headoffice in Gothenburg we provide dry cargo chartering, commercial management and port agency. We offer professional service to both our own and external vessels. Our port agency services are managed from our offices in Gothenburg and Kalmar. In addition, we are also represented in Helsingborg and Malmö by the group owned company Citadel Shipping.


  48. P
  49. pallas
  50. R
  51. Rederi AB Donsötank

    Donsötank is a family company registered in 1953. They own and operate seven tankers.



  52. Rederi AB Gotland

    Rederi AB Gotland is a shipping line that invests in vessels for ferry, ro-ro and tanker operations. Investment also includes active participation in the development of new ships.



  53. Rederi AB Veritas Tankers

    The company started 1983 at Donsö Island with its origin in the bunkering trade. The company operates three vessels.



  54. Rederi AB Älvtank

    Rederi AB Älvtank has a long tradition of this special type of coastal tanker shipping. Today, Rederi AB Älvtank has two tankers at 16 000 and 17 000 dwt in service.



  55. Rederiet M H Simonsen

    Rederiet M.H. Simonsen is a family owned shipping company founded 82 years ago and is operating 7 tankers ranging from 2.000 dwt to 4.500dwt. Our ships are primarily engaged in 2 segments of the north European small tanker market. The majority of the vessels are employed in the transportation of vegetable oils, fats, molasses, waxes, uan and other FOSFA acceptable products. Two units of our fleet are futher ore dedicated as foodgrade carriers and adheres to the stringiest requirements in our industry.



  56. Rederiet Stenersen AS

    Rederiet Stenersen AS takes great pride in offering customers and partners reliable services. By focusing on safety for cargo, personnel and the environment as well as innovative and efficient shipping solutions Rederiet Stenersen today commands a fleet of highly sophisticated chemical/product carriers for trading in harsh conditions



  57. RG Hagland

    RG Hagland has been serving the shipping industry since 1872. Our tanker department focus on tankers up to handy-size chemical, product and LNG carriers. We have long experience with project development, newbuilding contracts, sale & purchase, and chartering. Our services also include market analyses and valuation of tanker vessels for owners, operators and financial institutions.


  58. S
  59. Salén Ship Management AB

    Salén Ship Management is a ship management company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our mission is to manage small expedition and destination cruise ships at a very high standard. One of the founders is from the Swedish shipping family Salén – hence the name. Salén Ship Management has the management of Island Sky, Caledonian Sky and Hebridean Sky.



  60. Schultz Shipping A/S

    Schultz Shipping, established in Kalundborg in 1926 as authorized shipbrokers, has left its mark on the Port of Kalundborg since the very start of the industrial development. 2010 marked the year where Schultz Shipping changed from being a local shipping company into an international shipping company, by opening offices in the Schultz Shipping name in, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Malmo, Hamburg and Rostock.



  61. SDK Shipping AB

    SDK Shipping is the leading regional ship agency in the Nordic countries offering port agency and shipping/ forwarding services from offices in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

    Our activities cover all services within Port Agency, Ship-to-Ship Operations, Passage Service, Cruise Co-ordination, Projects and Forwarding, Heavy Lift, Chartering , Tank Storage Facilitation and Consultancy Services.


    sdk shipping

  62. Sea Lines

    Sea Lines is a leading shipping company in Ro-Pax on the Black Sea. We combine freight and passenger services by delivering frequent, reliable and safe maritime transport to transport and forwarding companies. We also develop and deliver industrial logistics solutions in close collaboration with manufacturers of heavy industrial goods.



  63. Shoreline Shipping AB

    Shoreline Shipping AB is a shipping advisory and agency firm, which integrate experience and skills in ocean freight and fleet trade management with digital transformation developments. Our approach is to work side-by-side with a few clients as a partner. The company act as Owner's Representative and Commercial Agency for shipping companies. We offer clients in the shipping industry with optimization solutions for fleet, schedule and service product planning as well as bulk freight auctions.


  64. Sirius Rederi AB

    Sirius Shipping operates 11 modern and well maintained  oil/chemical tankers and 1 LNG supply vessel. More info on our website.



  65. Stena AB

    Stena AB's international shipping business has world-leading expertise in all maritime sectors; from shipbuilding and crewing to technical service, chartering, commercial operation, financing and marketing. Innovation and first-class performance at every level of the business and a sharp focus on customer requirements are the principal reasons for success. The business area shipping consists of Stena Rederi, Stena RoRo, Stena Bulk, Stena LNG, Stena Teknik, Northern Marine Management, Concordia Maritime and various departments including IT, Insurance and Human Resources. Our international organisation has close proximity to customers which creates access to important markets.



  66. Stena Bulk

    Stena Bulk is one of the world’s leading tanker shipping companies. We provide safe and cost-efficient transports of crude oil and refined petroleum at sea.



  67. Stena Line

    Stena Line is one of the world's largest ferry operators. Stena Line has significant market shares on all of its business areas. The strong position is the result of an innovative company culture, stimulating service- and product development combined with strategic company acqusitions. Stena Line transports approximately 7 million passengers, 1,5 million cars and 2 million freight units yearly.



  68. Stena Line Group

    Stena Line Group is an international transport and travel service company with Europe's most comprehensive route network.
    22 ferry routes in Scandinavia, around Great Britain and to the Baltic countries.



  69. stena-line

  70. Stena Oil AB

    Stena Oil is the leading marine fuel supplier in the Scandinavian market. Our flexible fleet covers the supply region between Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and the UK coast. Supplies with ULSFO, GASOIL and HSFO are carried out both off shore and in port.www.


    stena oil

  71. stena-line

  72. Stena RoRo

    Stena RoRo sets the standard in the RoRo marketWith the solid know how combined with its intuitive feel for innovation and for the demands and requirements; Stena RoRo takes the market forward.

    Stenability is Stena RoRo’s trademark. Innovators of the RoRo concept, building RoRo and RoPax tonnage, supplying tailor-made solutions - all over the world. The fleet of Stena RoRo, mainly RoPax and RoRo vessels, are chartered out to first class operators around the globe. We are the operators first choice when it comes to ship supply.



  73. Stena Teknik

    Stena Teknik is an expert function, which provides marine technical solutions for all marine-related business areas in the Stena Sphere. We carry out newbuilding projects, from conceptual ideas to newbuildings ready for operation.


    logo_stena teknik

  74. Stockholm Chartering / STOC Tankers

    Stockholm Chartering's team of Swedish shipbrokers offer clients a broad range of services including chartering, operational support with legalistic guidance, sale & purchase, newbuilding contracting and market research.



  75. Styrsöbolaget

    Styrsöbolaget is a shipping company engaged in freight and public transport in the harbour and southern archipelago of Gothenburg.



  76. Svensk Sjöfart – Swedish Shipowners’ Association

    The Swedish Shipowners’ Association / Föreningen Svensk Sjöfart represents around 60 Swedish shipping companies operating worldwide. Our member shipping companies are at the forefront of environmental and safety issues representing an attractive future field of business sector. Over 90 % of Swedish trade pass through the shipping industry.


    svensk sjöfart

  77. Svenska Orient Linen AB

    SOL has business areas within ship management, liner services, project & contract cargo, agencies and forwarding.



  78. Svitzer

    Svitzer provides reliable and efficient port operations all over the world. We provide the right tugs for the right ports and well-trained crews to ensure swift vessel handling and no delays in the supply chain.
    Svitzer’s 430 vessels provide safe and reliable tailor made marine services to LNG terminals, ports and oil & gas terminals around the world. We put our vast experience at our customers’ disposal to plan and execute smooth and undisrupted operations in all conditions.


  79. T
  80. Tarbit Shipping AB

    We are a flexible, efficient and customer focused company, that has been transporting bitumen, oil and chemical products since 1962. We operate a fleet of 14 vessels.



  81. Terntank Rederi A/S

    Since 1958 Terntank has conducted trustworthy and safe tanker shipping. Our aim has been to build a vessel in which we ourselves would like to work in any position. Today we operate our chemical tankers from Skagen, Denmark, in a close cooperation with our customers.



  82. Thome Ship Management

    Thome Group is a dynamic provider of integrated maritime services, focusing on crewing and technical management of ships and offshore service vessels.  In partnership with TSM Group Philippines since 1988, we strive to provide quality crew management and crew agency services through cost effective, customer focused activities, and utilization of modern technology beneficial to our principals, seafarers, and their families.”



  83. Thun Tankers

    Thun Tankers started as a company in November 2012.  The owner of Thun Tankers, Erik Thun AB, however is by no means a newcomer in tanker industry. In 1952 the company obtained its first tanker and since then the company has used its experience to continuously develop and tailor make modern tankers based on its customers requirements.



  84. Trafikverket Färjerederiet

    Sweden’s road ferries form an important part of the country’s public transport system. Short-cuts over the water enable millions of people to travel freely around coastal districts.


  85. U
  86. Uni-Tankers A/S

    Uni-Tankers A/S owns and operates tanker vessels on the global market. The company operates its own as well as chartered vessels.



  87. Utkilen AS

    Utkilen AS - Fully integrated shipping company with headquarter in Bergen.Utkilen is one of the major seaway transporting companies of chemicals and other bulk liquid cargoes in Northern Europe.


  88. V
  89. Viking Line

    Viking Line vessels combine the luxury and sumptuousness of cruise ships with high-capacity vehicle decks, thereby meeting the needs of cargo traffic and of tourists who wish to continue their journey by car. In chronological order, this book briefly presents these vessels, which have greatly contributed to the emergence of modern Baltic Sea ferry services.



  90. Vinga Ship Management

    Vinga Ship is a young company with old traditions – we originate from Vingatank Rederi and Swedia Rederi AB. Small tankers is our absolute strength and our values may seem simple and obvious, but yet important – safe and efficient transports.
    Vinga Ship

  91. vrango_transport_ny
  92. W
  93. Wallenius Marine AB

    Wallenius Marine offers a complete and sustainable shipping service - from innovative design and newbuilding to green recycling. Focusing of lowest total cost ship management, the value of your vessel will be remained throughout the life cycle.



  94. Wisby Tankers AB – Wisby Ship Management

    Wisby Tankers AB is a first-generation shipping company with technical, crew management newbuilding and project development in-house. The company operate 19 tankers and employs 450 seafarers. We provide our customers and partners a safe and efficient transport of cargoes with high environmental values and most importantly; we provide a passion for shipping.


  95. Ö
  96. Öckerö Bunkerfrakt AB

    Öckerö Bunkerfrakt AB är ett rederi specialiserat på transporter av bunkerbränsle till andra fartyg.  Dana  ägs av rederiet och sysselsätts i Kattegatt, Skagerack och Östersjön.



  97. Öckerö Båttrafik

    Öckerö Båttrafik is part of the Öckerö Municipality, located in Gothenburg's northern archipelago. Our mission is to mainly transport passengers to the car-free islands in the municipality.