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September 3-4, 2019

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Attending DSM

Donsö Shipping Meet aims to elevate Swedish shipping in the international arena, to be a rewarding and productive event for all involved, and to serve its time-honored role as a meeting point for the entire maritime cluster. Unlike the bigger exhibitions in Europe, DSM wants to offer all participants a more intimate event where the priority is placed on making genuine connections.

DSM is a trade fair and not open to the public. Make your registration before arrival!

Meet the business

Making connections and forging opportunities

We strive for all participants to feel welcomed and taken care of. Our mission is to create a fantastic environment for all participants to network with customers, clients and colleagues, and to support exhibitors and shipping companies in doing business. DSM19 will have all the ingredients for a fruitful exhibition, providing ship owners with relevant, information-rich seminars, efficient “speed meetings” with exhibitors and of course opportunities for spontaneous meetings too.

With relevant keynote speakers talking about the future of the shipping industry, we are confident that DSM will provide you with useful, actionable knowledge. There will be a lot of activities going on at the same time, but don’t fret, all seminars will be filmed and made public on our Youtube channel.

The festive Banquet dinner will take place in the harbor. An outstanding three-course dinner will be served along with entertainment. It is a great way to socialize with customers, colleagues and friends in a friendly atmosphere.

HR and Crewing

Get inspired

To encourage HR and Crewing personnel to be a part of DSM, we introduced seminars intended for HR and Crewing Personnel at DSM17. This was exceptionally well received and for DSM19 there will be two interesting and relevant seminars intended for HR and Crewing personnel in the SMU-gården, situated close to the Exhibition area. More information about these seminars will follow.


“We are pleased to attend Donsö Shipping Meet and are looking forward to continue our good cooperation. DSM give us the opportunity to interact with the maritime industry.”

Bengt Sangberg
Bureau Veritas, Marine Chief Executive Nordic
Bengt Sangberg - DSM19
Registration at DSM17
Be seen during the event

Once again we will be publishing the Exhibition magazine, which is filled with interesting articles, need-to-know-info and much more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to place your ad in the Swedish Shipping Gazette DSM19 Edition – your guide to the exhibition and the number one magazine for reaching the international marine market during and after the Donsö Shipping Meet. Click here for more information.

The DSM mobile app

The DSM mobile app ensures that you will have all the important information on hand. It will help you navigate the event, see your pre-booked speed meetings and ensure you don’t miss any of the highlights. You will receive information about the app by email and get your own personal login.

Contents: About, Map, Transfer, Program, Exhibition area, Seminars, Speed meetings and Participants.

Exhibition area

Exhibition area

The exhibition area is in the northern part of Donsö with a 10-minute walk from the harbor.

Serve as venue for the Opening ceremony as well as for the Main seminar and the On Stage seminars during the two days. Area for lunch, served by Isbolaget, and a meeting place for networking.

Three big exhibition tents are built up at the local football ground, Tent A, B and C. The facilities serve as exhibition and meeting place for speed meetings and networking. Between the exhibition tents and Donsöhallen is the Garden. The Garden is an area for lunch, a meeting place for networking and also serve as exhibition area.

Service center
A service center at the information desk is situated in the entrance hall in the exhibition area during the event.

The local activity centre SMU-gården, a 3-minute walk from Donsöhallen, serves as auditorium for HR and Crewing seminars.

Additional locations:

Donsö Missionskyrka
Location for the DSM19 Commercial Meet.

Harbor of Donsö
The Banquet dinner, served by Pensionat Styrsö Skäret, will take place in the harbor.

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