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Opens in September/October 2024

Business leads and good talks

For you as exhibitor, Donsö Shipping Meet provides a fantastic environment for making business contacts. With our pre-booked speed meeting concept, it’s easy to see the worth of the time and money you have invested. We make it possible to pick your preferred shipping companies/ship owners, i.e companies with a fleet,  to meet in advance, so you have the time and information to prepare yourself. To be part of the pre-booked speed meeting concept you need to sign up for an exhibition stand, as well as sign up exhibition personnel.

Maximize your experience

Our aim is to maximize your experience and to make your two days on the island fully worthwhile.

Between your pre-booked meetings and during lunch/dinner, we encourage you to have informal meetings in the exhibition areas, as not all delegates have scheduled speed meetings.

We also recommend that you be more than two people in the stand, in order to have as many spontaneous meetings as possible.

How does it work?

All pre-booked meetings with shipping companies will be held in the exhibitor’s stands. The number of pre-booked meetings is determined by the date of your registration with Donsö Shipping Meet.

Each speed meeting will last for 20 minutes. Between each meeting there will be a 10-minute break. This will give you time to round off your conversations and get ready for your next meeting with another shipping company.

Sign up for speed meetings, step by step

To be part of the pre-booked speed meeting concept you need to have an exhibition stand, as well as sign up exhibition personnel. You indicate the maximum number of pre-booked speed meetings your company would like to have and choose the category of people/positions you want to have meetings with: Technical, Commercial, HR & Crewing or Administration.

In mid June 2023 (approx.) it will be time to choose the companies to meet, and what positions you prefer to meet. In beginning of August (approx.), a preliminary schedule for speed meetings will be ready. The final schedule will be distributed in mid August (approx.) and will be available in the DSM mobile app.


“Donsö Shipping Meet is an interesting event in a very special location. The event attracts the market, and more and more people finds its way to DSM. Wärtsilä finds this kind of events interesting, differently and fruitful. Donsö Shipping Meet also gives the possibility to meet the market, not only operational crew but a wider audience. A small place with big audience from the total cluster gathered on a nice island”

Göran Österdahl
General Manager, Wärtsilä, Marine Solutions Sales, DSM19 Main Sponsor
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