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What you get for the price

The exhibition stands at DSM are a fixed sized and are all-inclusive — equipped with everything essential you need for your meetings. Keep it simple and just bring your roll-up and a computer if needed and you’ll be all set. The stands are delivered by Space Production, one of Scandinavia’s largest companies in the production of exhibition stands, complete exhibitions and large-scale corporate events.

Price Exhibition stand
Price per exhibition stand is 44,000 SEK (55,000 SEK incl Swedish VAT). Price in EUR is approx 4,187 (approx 5,233 EUR incl Swedish VAT). Of course you are welcome to sign up for more than one stand.

Price exhibition personnel
Two persons are included in the cost of the exhibition stand. If more than two people attend, the fee is 5,500 SEK (6,875 incl Swedish VAT) for each additional person. Price in EUR is approx 523 EUR (approx 654 EUR incl Swedish VAT).

The registration fee includes speed meeting bookings, lunch, coffee and refreshments for both days. Further more the Banquet on June 14. The fee also includes a chartered boat transfer between Gothenburg and Donsö.

As registered exhibition personnel you are free to take part of all seminars and the Commercial & Financing Meet. You do not have to register separately!

Price Dinner only
The cost to attend the Banquet dinner only is SEK 1,500 (1,875 SEK incl Swedish VAT). Price in EUR is approx 143 EUR (approx 179 EUR incl Swedish VAT).

Exhibition stands
We use the Octanorm system, mdf and aluminium. Stand measurement is 2 m (depth) x 2.5 m (width), in total 5 square meters.

Exhibition stand position in the exhibition area is allocated in beginning of April 2022. It is not possible to choose your stand position. Taken into consideration is for example date of registration, number of stands per exhibitor, special requirements etc.

Hall map DSM2022 with Exhibitors

Each stand includes:

  • Two high tables
  • Four bar stools
  • Electricity, two electrical sockets
  • Two long arm spotlights
  • Fascia board with your company name in white on a blue background

Carpet in Exhibition stands.

Of course you are welcome to sign up for more than one stand.

Extra equipment

If you would like to book some extra equipment, Space Production has set up a DSM order catalogue with options. Information regarding extra equipment will be provided by email to exhibitors in good time before the event.

  • To get the prices in the order form, additional orders should be placed in the DSM order catalogue before May 13, 2022.
  • Orders placed between May 14 – June 7, 2022 will result in a 50% price increase.
  • Orders placed between June 8 – June 10, 2022 will result in a 100% price increase.
  • Last day for orders is June 10, 2022.
  • For Print products, you will need to supply Space Production with printable files before May 13, 2022.
  • For AV files you will need to supply Space Production with AV files before May 13, 2022.
  • More information and Print file guidelines.

If you have any questions about the stand or extra equipment please contact Space Production by email: dsm@spaceproduction.se

Service Center at the Information Desk
Space Production will be present in the Service Center at the information desk situated in the Entrance Hall of the exhibition area during the event.

Donsö Shipping Meet

Logistic service

Logistic Service – Transportation of exhibitor goods 

AB DFS provides global supply, logistics and forwarding services for maritime vessels and is Donsö Shipping Meet’s logistical partner for transportation of exhibitor goods to and from the island of Donsö. DFS is situated in the harbour of Fiskebäck.

Transportation process
The transportation process is described in five easy steps, and we have also listed frequently asked questions – FAQ.  Please take part of the information here.

Please note that detailed information regarding transportation of goods from Fiskebäck to Donsö will also be sent by e-mail to exhibitors in good time before the event.

Deliveries of exhibition goods are to be made to:
Fiskebäcks Hamn 7
426 58 Västra Frölunda

Labeling goods
Mark the goods “DSM” together with your Company name and Stand number. All packages must be labeled with the exhibitor’s full name and exhibition Stand number. If this requirement is not met the packages will be considered low priority and might not be delivered in time.

Times for delivery to DFS  

  • Goods are to be delivered to DFS on May 30 – June 3, 2022
  • Deadline for delivery: June 3, 2022
  • Goods will be placed in exhibitor’s stand when build-up begins on June 13, 2022
  • Exhibitors are responsible for unpacking the goods in the stand.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for packing the goods in the stand for return shipment.

DSM Logistical Form
The DSM Logistical Form must be used for all transportation to the island of Donsö. Exhibitors will get information by e-mail in good time before the event. You can also download the Logistical Form here  and Logistical Form Example here. (Form and example will be updated within soon). Deadline for sending the Logistical Form to DFS: 2022-05-27.

Return shipment
Returning goods to the exhibitor’s address or for arrangements for onward transport must be booked at DFS. The exhibitor is responsible for packing the goods for the return shipment. The exhibitor’s account number at the transport company of choice will be used for the return shipment. If this is not listed, DFS will use their transport company instead, and this will be accompanied by an extra fee.

All goods that you intend to send back via DFS (after the exhibition) should be packed ”ready to be shipped” before you leave the island. No goods should be left behind in your stand unpacked, if this is the case your organization will be subject to an extra fee. Please also consider that unpacked goods will be subject to a higher risk of damage during transport from Donsö to the mainland.

Service Center during the event
DFS will be present in the Service Center at the Information Desk situated in the Entrance Hall in the exhibition area. Contact Carl Forsman at AB DFS for questions regarding transportation.

Terms and conditions

After careful consideration and discussions with the Donsö Shipping Meet Board, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Shipping companies, we have come to the unanimous conclusion that it is not possible to arrange Donsö Shipping Meet in 2021.

Terms and conditions

We hereby inform that DSM2021 – Clean Ocean with Future in Sight, will be postponed and will take place in June 14-15, 2022.

If a preliminary registration is made, the registration is still valid and will automatically be transferred to the new dates, i.e. June 14-15, 2022. Please note that if you are not able to take part, with reference to the change of dates, Donsö Shipping Meet must be notified not later than September 20, 2021.  Notification must be made in writing by sending an e-mail to Congresso AB info@congressoab.se. After September 20, 2021, your registration will be definite, if you have not notified us differently.

Terms of payment

The payment should be made in advance. An invoice from Congresso AB will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the registration process.

  • Registration fee will be invoiced in February 2022 or later, if registered later than February 2022
    • Exhibition stand will be invoiced in February 2022 or later, if registered later than February 2022
    • Interest will be charged on payments made after due date

Cancellations policy  

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing by sending an e-mail to Congresso AB. In the event of a cancellation before October 1st, 2021 the charge will be 30% of the cost. After October 1st the cancellation charge will be 100% of the cost.

Name change

It is permitted to make a name change and transfer registration to a colleague. Notification of this name change must be sent in an e-mail to Congresso AB.

Cost of accommodations

If the hotel reservation has been made through the registration process, an invoice of the hotel cost will be sent separately via e-mail from Congresso AB to the e-mail address provided.

Costs extra equipment

Extra equipment in exhibition stand for example Graphic products ordered from DSM order catalogue, set up by Space Production, that has been produced, will not be reimbursed in case of cancellation.

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