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Interview with Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, C Survey AB

Jörgen Nilsson

Interview with Jörgen Nilsson, CEO, C Survey AB

C Survey supports DSM2022 as Silver Sponsor. What contributed to make this decision?
There are many reasons for us to sponsor DSM. One of them is that many of our customers visits the fair, which makes it a perfect opportunity to meet. Another reason is that DSM is a fantastic initiative for the shipping industry, which we of course want to support!

What are your expectations for DSM2022?
I’m just so excited to be at the fair again! Seeing all these people within shipping – all at one place.

What is your best memory from DSM19?
All the great meetings. A funny memory from DSM19 was at the after party at Isbolaget where the girls in the food truck were running low on customers, so I wanted to help. I asked the people passing me by if they shouldn’t enjoy some good night snack? And then the line curled up long. These girls now call me “the barker”.

Why is DSM important to your business?
DSM is a great place to meet both existing and new customers.

What do you find are the key issues facing the future of Shipping?
Our clients are facing a lot of demands making the shipping industry greener and more sustainable, go digital and that is a challenge we all must be a part of – for a greener future.

And finally, how would you describe DSM in one sentence?
An amazing fair with great meetings at the fantastic island Donsö!

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