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J-O gronhult

Interview with Jan-Olof Grönhult, Marketing & Business Development Manager, DNV GL Sweden AB

DNV GL supports DSM19 as Silver Sponsor. What contributed to make this decision?
For those of us who are part of the local maritime cluster with high attendance and commitment in both new projects and day-to-day operations, it is natural to support this type of initiative. We have a highly competitive situation in the  maritime segment, and we believe that it is important to be able to gather around positive and future-oriented events such as this. Much can be achieved by joining forces!

What are your expectations for DSM19?
Expectations are that DSM should reflect possible opportunities  in a way that build confidence and optimism for the future.

What is your best memory from DSM17?
All the meetings and interaction with the participating companies and people.

What do you find are the opportunities and the biggest challenges in the Shipping Industry today?
First and foremost the level of revenue within the industry i.e. we may in several segments have had more growth in tonnage in comparison with world growth which is a challenge, but also an opportunity as it differs between the segments. Should you choose to build small numbers and / or specialised tonnage there are good opportunities to have this done today in Yards that otherwise have put a very high price tag on such tonnage. Also the initiatives that may be needed in order to future proof the  different vessels , should it be older or a new project, requires some work to make the best possible decisions.

How would you describe DSM in one word?

And finally, do you prefer a sail or a motor boat for recreation, and why so?
Sailing should be my choice, time for reflection and without any emissions which should have the opportunity to fit the bill in todays thinking.

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