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Interview with Gunnar Helmen, Sales Manager Gasum.

Gasum supports DSM19 as Gold Sponsor. What contributed to make this decision?
The decision of being a Gold Sponsor had several facets, the first of which was to acknowledge and honor the shipping community of Donsø as front runners that pave the way for Liquefied Natural Gas – LNG – as a fuel for shipping.

Another important fact is that both before, during and after the DSM19 we will be visible towards the shipping industry. Some shipowners might consider changing to the cleaner LNG marine fuel and here they can easily find and contact us. Gasum enjoy relationships creating mutual advantages. In this case we aim at supporting both our local customers and stakeholders as well as contributing to the shipping industry meeting at this venue.

What are your expectations for DSM19?
We will be several persons from Gasum attending the event. Our expectations are to meet with different parts of the maritime business for interesting discussions. Personally I also expect to have a nice time in a relaxed atmosphere to maintain current – and establish new – business relationships.

Late 2018 we changed the company name from Skangas to Gasum. My expectation is also that this should be well known to the industry after this event.

What is your best memory from DSM17?
Last time I was impressed and inspired by Petter Stordalen’s speech during the evening dinner. We can learn from his entrepreneurship and powerful force in spite the difference in business.  As an example shipowners need to take a stand as to which fuel to choose within a very changing business environment. Changes from politicians affects the shipowners’ risk taking and decisions as new regulations and demands for cleaner energy is changing. In some cases the fuel demanded is even non-existing.

Another good memory from the DSM17 was the launch of our brand new bunker vessel Coralius. She created a lot of interest and I really appreciated all the attention she got when we had an “open ship” day for DSM visitors and Donsø inhabitants.

What do you find are the opportunities and the biggest challenges in the Shipping Industry today?
We have still have an opportunity together in the shipping industry to join forces and make the outside world understand that it is possible to reduced the emissions already today. External entities like governmental and other parties might demand energy not even available or feasible to parts of the shipping industry. LNG is available, it’s the cleanest marine fuel being cost effective and it is as safe to use as conventional fuel. My hope is that shipowners still in doubt may learn from the Donsø shipping community. A big challenge in the shipping industry is that in spite of the cleaner LNG opportunity we continue to emit more than necessary.

How would you describe DSM in one word?

And finally, do you prefer a sail or a motor boat for recreation, and why so?
I prefer recreation on-shore!

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