New event on Donsö Shipping Meet – DSM Fishing Meet June 14


Welcome to DSM2022 Fishing Meet. The Fishing Meet is an afternoon event on June 14, 13:30 to 16:00. For the first time, fishing takes the scene at DSM with its own seminar.


The afternoon offers interesting presentations from both research and management and a panel discussion with young fishermen on the theme Sustainable future fisheries. The aim of the seminar is to give the audience a better insight into the everyday work of a fisherman, and the role of fisheries in the food supply chain. Possibilities and challenges for the future fisheries will be addressed, as will the importance of a stable management system.

The seminar is arranged by Swedish Fishermen Producer Organisation (SFPO) and Sweden Pelagic Federation PO (SPF) and is planned and carried out by a group of young demersal and pelagic fishermen. The seminar is in Swedish.

There are two options to participate, on Donsö or via live streaming. More information and sign up here 

The new fishing vessel Carmona is the fourth new-built vessel in the fishing company since the first vessel was delivered in 1998. The company has invested in building the ship close to their home market and to use as many Swedish suppliers as possible. The ship has been built by Ö-varvet on Öckerö. Carmona will be in the Donsö harbour during DSM.

With each new fishing vessel, focus has been on hull design, hold capacity and bollard pull to optimise the fuel economy. This time, the fishing company goes even further with investing in environmentally friendly techniques, and they describe the new vessel as a green fishing vessel, but with a blue hull.

SCR-technology is used to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 85 per cent. Carmona has also been equipped with a straight bow to reduce resistance in the water and thus save fuel, as well as a propulsion solution with a propeller that provides a more efficient traction when trawling. Furthermore, the vessel will be equipped with the latest fuel-saving technology possible to save energy and reduce environmental impacts.

The company are proud to make their fishing enterprise even more green and sustainable with this new vessel!

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