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Read interview with Örjan Backman, CEO Ö-borgen


Interview with Örjan Backman, CEO Ö-borgen

Ö-borgen supports DSM2022 as Partner. What contributed to make this decision?
We are grateful to be a part of Donsö Shipping Meet, we did not hesitate when we got the opportunity.

What are your expectations for DSM2022?
To meet customers and friends in the maritime industry. Our business benefits greatly from the event and we enjoy the Donsö-spirit!              

What is your best memory from DSM19?
Fellowship and the feeling of stronger together.

Why is DSM important to your business?
Our companies embrace several marine areas. Being able to appear together as a strong partner is important and useful to us.

What do you find are the key issues facing the future of Shipping?
That we have the strength and dare to create good conditions for our employees and customers. The environment, of course, in all respects, fishing, transportation or as an “amusement park”.

And finally, how would you describe DSM in one sentence?
Like a Bumblebee, can not really fly, flies anyway and does a lot of good for the rest of us!

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