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Read interview with Annika Hult, deputy CEO Stena AB.

Annika Hult

Interview with Annika Hult, deputy CEO Stena AB

Stena supports DSM2023 as long term Partner. What contributed to make this decision?
We at Stena see ourselves as a long-term partner with DSM. First of all, we are a Swedish shipping company based in Gothenburg with global activity, and for us it is important that Sweden maintains a strong maritime cluster. DSM is playing a part in achieving that, by bringing people together and facilitating business. But it is not only that – we also have our roots on Donsö, so it is only natural that we want to contribute.

What are your expectations for DSM2023?
I expect DSM2023 to be a meeting place for establishing new partners, strengthening old relations, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. This is always important, but now more than ever given the fact that the economy is still volatile as a whole. Even though shipping in general is doing well and is developing to meet the future, we do have challenges ahead as well. So my expectation for DSM is to be that meeting place, and I hope to learn some new things.

What do you find are the opportunities and the biggest challenges in the Shipping Industry today?
Shipping is a fantastic industry and it is really core to making the world go round, both regionally and globally. It is a super interesting business to work in. At the same time, we have challenges in attracting talents in the younger generation, especially on board. Part of that may also lie in that we as an industry are not good enough at communicating what a career can look like and that there are so many types of shipping. This is where DSM can play a role. Because if we want to continue being successful, we need the right talent, to attract them and also to keep them. I am confident that when people are made aware of the truly innovative work environment we exist in, it is a very attractive space to forge a career.

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