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Read interview with Mats B. Sundbø, Technical Sales Manager/Cofounder, DAVI TURBO.

Mats Sundbo

Mats B. Sundbø, Technical Sales Manager/Cofounder, DAVI TURBO

DAVI TURBO supports DSM2022 as Silver Sponsor. What contributed to make this decision?
Easy choice. DSM has become our favorite shipping-event. If you ask us as an exhibitor how the ideal fair should be like, look for DSM, and you have the answer. If our branch wants the exhibitions to survive for the future, we have to support them today!

What are your expectations for DSM2022?
After a very special and challenging year with covid19, for the whole maritime industry, I think it is more important than ever to be present, innovative and have a “leaning forward” mentality. The ongoing pandemic will probably affect us for a long time, no handshakes, more distancing, and it will also affect how we do business. It is time for all to be flexible, to care and to look forward.

What is your best memory from DSM19?
Too many to mention just one! The unique concept at DSM, having a maritime fair out on this island, with that spectacular surroundings, makes every DSM a memorable.

Why is DSM important to your business?
We have focus on quality and personal relations to our customers in Scandinavia, DSM is the ideal arena for meeting up with all the key-persons you need in one venture.

What do you find are the key issues facing the future of Shipping?
To be sustainable, to be able to meet the market demands, combined with leaving a green footprint for the future. Our turbocharger exchange-system, and remanufacturing of more parts, is our way to contribute to circular economy.

And finally, how would you describe DSM in one sentence?

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