DSM Fire Safety Meet

August 29, 2023

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DSM2022 – Clean Ocean with Future in Sight, June 14-15, 2022

Welcome to DSM Fire Safety Meet! During June 14 you will get both theoretical and practical knowledge on how to prevent and respond to onboard fire in new fuels, but also in regulations, insurance and the newest research in the area.

The day is directed to both onboard personal and those interested in fire safety. Since the crew onboard is of outmost importance to prevent fire, and is the responsible fire brigade onboard, DSM and Nordkompass would like to reach out with a special welcome to those of you working at sea to participate, at Donsö or via the live streaming.

The ongoing work towards a climate neutral transport sector means that alternative fuels, new energy sources and different technologies are developed, evaluated and implemented. The risk profiles therefore change for vessels, the cargo (i.e. trucks, cars) as well as for the whole system of logistics and requires knowledge on how to manage fire safety.


During DSM and the Fire Safety Meet you will get the best possible update regarding fire safety by experts in different areas that will participate.

The morning is a seminar session, among the speakers are Jonas Bjelfvenstam Director General for the Swedish Transport Agency, Sifis Papageorgiou, Project Officer of EMSA with over 25 years of experience, Julia Burgén, researcher and expert at human factors in fire safety, RISE and Ola Willstrand battery expert of RISE. The seminar will be moderated by Martin Carlsson, project manager fire safety, Stena Teknik. 

After lunch, the practical session starts, with demonstrations of practical exercises an equipment and different fire suppression technologies will be tested in the port of Donsö.

During the end of the day, Nordkompass will hand out the new Fire safety award.

Seminar session

Jun 14 2022
Jun 14 2022
09:20 - 09:25
Donsö Conference

Moderator for the day: Martin Carlsson, Project Manager Fire Safety, Stena Teknik

Jun 14 2022
09:25 - 09:40
Donsö Conference

Why is the topic of fire safety constantly so relevant?
What is the point in authorities, research and industry collaborating closely, united in the Trippelhelix, in the work with fire safety at sea?

Jonas Bjelfvenstam, Director General, Transportstyrelsen

Mikael Hägg, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Ulf Hagström, Chairman, Nordkompass

Jun 14 2022
09:40 - 10:20
Donsö Conference

What are the coming outputs of the EU Horizon 2020 LASH FIRE project?
Most important Risk Reduction Measures are described.

Speaker: Staffan Bram, Project manager Safety & Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

The Safe and Suitable Firefighting project provides insights in the impact of toxic fire gases and what is needed to be well protected if operating exposed to a fire in a modern vehicle fire.

Speaker: Julia Burgén, Human Factors Engineer Safety & Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


With ETOX 2 and BREND 2 projects more is known on behavior, risks and proper handling of fires involving gas and battery fueled vehicles.

Speaker: Ola Willstrand, Project manager Safety & Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


Jun 14 2022
10:20 - 10:50
Donsö Conference

EU Guidance for transport of Alternatively Fueled Vehicles is presented.
What can we expect from IMO, EMSA and EU flagstates onward?
Speaker: Sifis Papageorgiou, Senior Project Officer, Safety & Security, EMSA


Recent examples of fire accidents and incidents, What is done to prevent future losses?
Speaker: Martti Simojokki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia


Jun 14 2022
10:50 - 11:10
Donsö Conference
Jun 14 2022
11:10 - 11:50
Donsö Conference

Experience from full electric ferry operation of Aurora af Helsingborg

Speaker: Christian Andersson, Senior chief Engineer, ForSea

Presentation of ELINN, Electric rescue boat-project

Josef Carlsson, Forskning & utveckling, SSRS

Jun 14 2022
11:50 - 12:10
Donsö Conference

Safe battery concept states measures and recommendations to safely install and operate large scale onboard battery installations.

Speaker: Ola Willstrand, Project manager Safety & Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

In LionFire-project fire spread and suppression methods for battery racks was explored.

Speaker: Ola Willstrand, Project manager Safety & Transport, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Jun 14 2022
12:10 - 12:30
Donsö Conference

What is current and coming regulatory work for fixed onboard battery installations?

Speaker: Sifis Papageorgiou, Senior Project Officer, Safety & Security, EMSA


Jun 14 2022
12:30 - 12:40
Donsö Conference

Nordkompass Fire Safety Award will be handed over to recognize a noticeable crew effort to improve fire safety or handle a fire situation onboard

Speakers: Martin Carlsson and Ulf Hagström

Martin Carlsson

Ulf Hagström




Practical & discussion session

At 13.30 you are welcome to “hamnplan”, in the Donsö harbour. Here you have the chance to try and discuss equipment, tactics and the challenges with new fuels and fighting fire onboard.

  • Safe and Suitable Firefighting – explore different outfits for firefighting and discuss conditions for safe fire fighting
  • LASH FIRE – interact with bridge design for fire response – try the fire monitor, meet project team and researchers
  • Electric car fires – facts and myths, methods
  • Suppression methods for car fires, electric cars in particular – Try use of fire blanket and water cooling devices
  • ELINN – Discuss electric innovation “arbetsfartyg” and see the prototype for a fully electric rescue boat
  • Speakers from morning session – meet and discuss their topics
  • Explore equipment – Meet suppliers with products enhancing fire safety

We also welcome all to share your experience in fire onboard, and contribute with stories and knowledge to talk to the researchers.

Two ways to participate

Participate on the island of Donsö


If you only participate in the Fire Safety Meet, it is free of charge, register here. If you already are registered to participate at DSM2022 just send an email to info@congressoab.se saying that you would like to add the Fire Safety Meet to your registration.

Participate via Live streaming

Available via two events, see below. First session starts at 09:20. Second session starts at 13:30. You don’t have to register!

  • DSM Fire Safety Meet – sponsored by Stiftelsen Sveriges Sjömanshus

  • Supported by Nordkompass

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