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We are thankful to all that made DSM2023 happen; sponsors, exhibitors, shipping companies, visitors, business partners, speakers and the great work force on the island of Donsö! DSM2023 sponsors and partners.


For two days, 2900 visitors from 40 countries gathered to discuss shipping and shipping related topics. About 600representatives from a wide range of shipping companies and 270 exhibiting suppliers came to lend their perspectives, make new connections and forge new business opportunities. By the end of day one, 2100 seated guests enjoyed a three-course meal at the Banquet dinner. The banquet dinner hosts more guests than the Nobel banquet in the Stockholm City Hall!

Don’t miss out the DSM2023 Conclusion film below!

The interest to participate in DSM2023 was once again great. Between pre-booked speed meetings and spontaneous meetings participants could attend a wide range of mini-seminars and also the Commercial & Financing Meet, DSM Fishing Meet, DSM Safety Meet and HR Meet.

Take part of the film from the Opening Ceremony where Jonas Backman, Chairman of the Donsö Foundation, Göran Eriksson, CEO Port of Gothenburg and Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing welcome all to Donsö Shipping Meet.

All seminars and films from DSM2023 are available on Donsö Shipping Meet Youtube channel.

DSM Commerical & Financing Meet, took place on August 29. International trade is vital for the global economy, and is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment, and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods. Since the earliest civilizations, trade has become increasingly important with a larger share of GDP devoted to exports and imports. Thus, international trade plays an important role in improving living standards and reducing poverty levels, as well as creating the economics for environmental and climate targets. However, if trade is to remain a driving force for growth, job creation, and poverty reduction, free trade needs to be green and resilient.What does this entail for the maritime industry? What is the role of world trade moving forward and what will world trade look like? How can the maritime industry contribute and how do the maritime industry ensure both a resilient and green trade moving forward?

The meeting had an impressive list of speakers, such as;  Niklas da Silva, Counsellor for Transport Affairs, Johan Trouvé, CEO, West Sweden Chamber of Commerce,  Björn Fägersten, Phd, CEO of Politea and Senior Research Fellow, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs,  Niklas Granholm, Deputy Director of Studies, Swedish Defence Research Agency and Fredrik Herlitz, Colonel, Älvsborg Marine Regiment.

Take part of film from DSM2023 Commercial and Financing Meet, including opening address by Andreas Carlson, Minister for Infrastructure and Housing.

HR Meet – The shipping industry is an important part of Sweden’s infrastructure. Within the industry we see a great need for competence in the coming years. More than 100 Guidance counsellors from Sweden visited Donsö to take part in a seminar, where they learnt more about different professions in shipping and possible educational paths.  Representatives from the industry, schools and universities together told and answered questions about the shipping industry and education for future work within it. A panel consisting of representatives from the shipping industry, unions, universities and seafarers participates. There was also a guided tour in the Donsö deep harbour including Open ship visit. Take part of the HR Meet here.

Fishing Meet – DSM2023 Fishing Meet focused on how the Swedish fisheries, both pelagic and demersal, meet the future. The afternoon was filled will interesting talks focused on work and projects in the two largest Swedish fisheries organisations to prepare the fisheries for the future. The topics included development in fishing vessels, gear development, infrastructure and product development and a panel of fishermen reflecting on future challenges for the fishery. The seminar featured both demersal and pelagic fishermen and external experts. The seminar was arranged by Swedish Fishermen Producer Organisation (SFPO) and Sweden Pelagic Federation PO (SPF).Take part of the DSM Fishing Meet here.

Safety Meet – The Safety Meet is a two day event intended for attendees interested in new energy sources for ships and their different safety aspects. A seminar  will pass through each option for the future, and group discussions will be held. Together with a RoRo Ship Safety seminar. The focus this year was new energy sources for ship propulsion and auxiliary power. Each option for the future was discussed; LNG, Methanol, Hydrogen, Ammonia, Biofuels, Nuclear, Wind and Battery. A seminar was held as well as small scale moderator held discussions on each topic. Final  result of EU-project LASH FIRE on Fire Safety on RoRo and RoPax ships will also be communicated and discussed.

You can take part of the Future Fules Safety Seminar here.
You can take part of the RoRo Ship Safety Seminar here.  

The biggest news with this year’s fair was the collaboration with Port of Gothenburg, which means that their event Gothenburg Port Day was a part of DSM and a kick-off to the fair. It also means that DSM has gone from two days to an event spreading over three days. Gothenburg Port Day started at the Gothenburg Opera and then continued at Donsö, where the port’s actors and stakeholders got an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences, listen to speakers and enjoy some entertainment.

We also added Innovation Ideas Project Workshop, held by the Swedish Maritime Administration. The focus was on maritime safety and clean shipping. The goal is to develop the best ideas into potential innovation and implementation projects and partnerships. Project themes include digital solutions to improve maritime safety, reduce emissions and tackle the challenges of winter navigation. Other are improved preparedness for maritime accidents and shore infrastructure for clean shipping. This workshop is part of a Baltic regional series of workshops aiming to catch ideas from all countries.

This year we had the pleasure to announce that, Götheborg of Sweden, the world’s largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship, was a part of Donsö Shipping Meet, as well as Tern Island, Olympus, Fure Vinga, NOS and Kvartsita. There was a lot of activities in the Harbour of Donsö and onboard the ships.

Take part of the Exhibition magazine, Swedish Shipping Gazette DSM2023 Edition, produced by Sjöfartstidningen.

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